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QuestionI love this blog! I also loved the massive amounts of bee posts. Keep doing your thing. Answer


QuestionJust wanna say I just found your blog and I love it. Haha I have gotten some creepy messages over the time especially weird old dudes thinking I look like jailbait but im legal like thats gross aha I actually had a creepy encounter with a 40yr old irl he messaged my mate telling her to get me super drunk cos the he might have a chance before i went out to this gig where he was on the doors lol but some of the ones on here are awful! I like that you also pointed out how it isn't just men too. Answer

Hey, thanks! Yeah, the internet is full of some weird, scary fucks. I know I’ve met my share of them. And yeah, it definitely isn’t just guys. People in general can be weird as hell and it knows no gender.


Aaaaaaaand blocked! dancingwithdiversity:

Aaaaaaaand blocked! dancingwithdiversity:

Aaaaaaaand blocked!


Aaaaaaaand blocked!

Kind of weird…this isn’t the first time someone has claimed it was a “mistake” to answer “yes” to the question “Do you think homosexuality is a sin?”.

Thanks for publishing yesterday’s submission (the one of Mr I-can-make-you-squirt). Here’s an update. Do I write another response (since the first one didn’t do it, apparently) or do i give up?

I’d probably just give up in all honesty.

There’s so much wrong here. If a guy claims off the bat he can make you squirt, he’s lying and very likely is horrible in bed. Desperation is gross. Thanks for the submission.


Really Rick? I think my desire to date just died a little today.

The best response.

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the gems you find on OkCupid



Your male intuition may need work.

She makes feminism look bad.